Amazing Romanian Cave – Pestera Ursilor

We are in Bihor, where the mountains hide world’s second largest ice cave. The county’s numerous hidden treasures attract each year tourists from all over the world. Some come to relax at the Baile Felix thermal spa, others visit the Apuseni Mountains with their amazing sceneries and over 400 caves.

From all these caves, the most famous and also the one that attracts the largest number of visitors each year, is the Bears’ Cave (Pestera Ursilor).

Bears' Cave Romania - Ceiling.

If you think the name is just a metaphor, think again. Cave bears (Ursus spelaeus) visited these catacombs over 15.000 years ago. Their skeletons were discovered in 1975 when the cave was explored for the first time by an amateur speleologists group who called themselves “Speodava”.

Skeleton of a Cave Bear - (Ursus spelaeus) - Bears' Cave Romania.

The cave was first time opened to the public in 1986, after being modernized with paved sidewalks and electricity. Although not impressive in size, the cave has amazing formations of stalagmite and stalactite, as well as a lot of like marks and fossils of cave bear.

The Bears Gallery.

If you remember from your visit in the ice cave, Romanians give always creative names to the galleries of the caves, and the Bears’ Cave is no exception. You’ll be entering the cave through an entrance situated at 482 altitude and visit in oreder The Bears Gallery, the Emil Racovita Gallery and the Candles Gallery and exit through the Olds’ Council.

Gallery in The Bears' Cave.

The cave is almost 1 km long, but open to tourists are passages that together sum 488 m. The rest 521 are closed to the public and treaded as scientific reservation.

Bears' Cave Romania.

Although a short distance, the visit will take about 45 minutes. Unlike other caves where you are free to explore everything at your own risk, the Bears’ Cave will always have a guide to show you around. Temperature in the cave is +10°C (constant the whole year). You can visit the cave any day (except Mondays) from 10 to 17.

Stalagmite and stalactite.

Photos courtesy: Pop Paul, Rossy 07, Vilceloiu, Armaggedon Cristi


  1. Yvonne Filla says:

    WOW! Extremely interesting!!! My first and last visit to a cave similar to this was is in Montana, as an 8 year old child. I still remember the cool air and the damp smell. Our guide was funny and made it a lot of fun to visit. I will never forget my experience in that cave. Seeing these photos brings me back and I can experience it again. I may never travel abroad to see your cave, but I would if the opportunity arrives!!! Thank you for sharing with the world your treasure! From Spokane, Washington State, USA

  2. PAULO IVANOV says:

    This is an amazing site, that shows God’s power and Creativity

  3. Romania, the heaven on earth!…God Bless Romania

  4. And when you think it was discoveredc by mistake …

  5. Thank you everyone for the comments and for enjoying this unique experience. :) There are many other wonderful places I’ll show you soon.


  1. says:

    Bears Cave: Enter if You Dare…

    We are still in Bihor, where the mountains hide world’s second largest ice cave. The county’s numerous hidden treasures attract each year tourists from all over the world….