Summer Travel Destinations: Romanian Black Sea Resort Costineşti

It’s not as popular as Vama Veche, but it used to be, and it’s still packed with young people planning a Black Sea resort holiday on a budget. Costineşti was once “the paradise of youth and of students” – but since 2 Mai and Vama Veche became popular, this little rural Black Sea resort is no longer worth the accolades.

Costinesti the beach

Yes, it still holds one of the largest open air discos in the country – Disco Ring – where the most popular Romanian artists of the moment throw memorable concerts almost every evening during the Summer season. There’s also Mega Discoteca Tineretului for even more dance and live concerts, but other than these, there’s not much to do here.

Disco Ring live performance

Well, you do have the usual water sports, beach fun and even an old shipwreck (Evangelia, a Greek ship beached there in the late 1960s) to challenge your imagination, but from a cultural perspective, Costineşti doesn’t have much to offer.


Mind you, this used to be a student camp during the communist era, when also Costineşti’s biggest hotel was erected, yet such activities are no longer “trendy.”

Costinesti party on the beach

What you get is the occasional young artist, ready to pen your portrait in five minutes for a symbolic fee. You get the musician who plays a guitar tune, surrounded by a gang of lively friends. You get the typical beach parties at night, and sometimes, you can even spot a dolphin or two if your eyes are not wandering to spot Romanian topless beauties.

Costinesti - beach

The resort has an official capacity of 5300 beds, but many private families in the village Schitu, which is included in the commune, offer lodging and other hospitality services. Speaking of which, you might want to try to find such an accommodation, at least for the authentic Romanian cuisine.


  1. I have been in Sochi(Black Sea) last summer and I really don’t want back. Dirty sea :(

    • Yeah, the waters are polluted – the name of “Black Sea” is no longer just a metaphor. And Romanians are not the only ones guilty for this mess. Add the Ukrainians to the list too, and more importantly, the Russians, who used the sea for a long time to dump their trash.

      Yet it depends where you went. In Romania there are places where the water is not bad at all. And… did you miss all the fun? I have no idea how Sochi is, but it’s very close to the real pollution source, so I bet the water is messy. :)

  2. Sochi is in Russia. Wasn’t this post about Romania? I guess some people really don’t know the difference.

  3. Right, Ana. But this doesn’t change the fact that the Black Sea is dirty sometimes. The waters carry a lot of trash.

    Yet Russians know how to have fun. So the Russian Sochi could be as nice of a destination as the Romanian Costinesti. My guess is that the first commenter just wanted a plug for his/her site.

  4. Right, not everyone has a shore to the Mediterranean.

  5. Hmm, my idea about this place was quite different – so thanks for the “warning” :-) The beaches looks nice though, but of course again, you have the dirty water.

    However, there must be nice places still at the Black Sea?

    Happy Weekend :-)
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