Perfection in Motion


Tweet Romania is this little country somewhere in Europe for a lot of people. If they’d try hard enough, they might be able to find it on the map. But most people, although they don’t know much about Romania, know a little about the people that made it famous. And when you’re a Romanian, traveling […]

The Pearl of Past Times: Bucharest


Tweet In the rush of the modern lifestyles how many of us stop to recall the glory of the past? Do we all live by the motto “what’s gone is gone and what’s done is done” or do we somehow manage to learn from the past, to understand its values and to understand that there […]

Mirrors of Romanian Heart

Tweet This is the first post in a series that will introduce to you important Romanian personalities, who shaped our culture and carried our values abroad, Romanians who gave their best to a country that is so little known be the world and at times not even appreciated at its real value. These people are […]