Epiphany and Saint John Day

Aghiasma stored in wooden barrels.

Tweet January 6th and 7th are two special days in the Christian Orthodox calendar. The Epiphany Day (Boboteaza, January 6th) and Saint John’s Day (Santion, January 7th) are two of the most popular religious holidays, rich in meanings and symbols. For the Romanians the Epiphany Day, also called Boboteaza or Teofania, is a day of […]

Ten Wonders of Bucovina


Tweet In “the land of beech woods” some of the most extraordinary natural landscapes are beautified by faith and its material manifestations: the Monasteries of Bucovina. These are all situated in Suceava county, and if you plan a trip to the north of Romania it would be certainly a pity to miss visiting them. Since […]